Anthony’s Story: Redemption and Human Potential

This is Anthony, one of our students in a Michigan prison. He converted to Islam because of the beauty he saw in the teachings. Originally, he signed up to go to Muslim services just so he could get out of his cell and be able to connect with his homeboy. At the time, he didn’t know anything about Islam, only that Muslims were allowed to come out of their cells and meet on Friday, and that would be perfect for him and his homeboy because they could sit in the back and talk.

But Allah had different plans. Anthony’s homie was not released from his cell for some reason and the brother had no choice but to sit through the khutba without someone to talk to. His listening to that khutba sparked something in him. He started signing up for jummah every week. Soon he was studying. Then he took his shahadah and became Muslim. He has, in very short time since, learned Arabic, studied fiqh in two madhabs, and is now leading jummah and doing the khutba. He came full circle by the power of Allah.

This is a remarkable story about redemption and human potential. He felt love from the brothers, was impressed by the teachings, and his heart reciprocated. How many lives could we change if we simply showed love to others and manifested the beautiful teachings of Islam in our actions as well as our speech. How many more inmates like Anthony could we discover?