Taahir: Appreciative and Altruistic

tahir-2Tahir was one of our hardest working students and most willing to give back to the Tayba Foundation family.  He spent over two decades in prison, and was one of the nicest and helpful brothers we ever met.

His story is similar to the stories of so many of our students. They endured extreme hardships and saw some of the worst conditions and circumstances, but they came out of prison as some of the most appreciative and altruistic men imaginable. Allah (God) rectified their spirits and strengthened their resolve in such a way that these brothers were able to experience situations in society, no matter how arduous or daunting, with a smile and a simple “Alhamdulillah” (Praise be to God). Tahir was an embodiment of that spirit. He never ceased to smile and always reflected on the bounty and favor of his Lord.

Tahir moved back Georgia to be closer to loved ones, and we wish him the best. He will be deeply missed at Tayba.