If I had to choose a favourite topic or subject out of the book “Introduction to Islam” it would have to be the section that focused on “Hisba”. I found it most interesting. I was once a person who thought I knew it all and had Islam figured out. Only to discover I don’t know as much as I thought I knew.

I would study something to a minor degree and walk around “correcting” people I found to be in error. Most of the times, if not all, I had little knowledge of the details to the situation. And even less knowledge as to what fatwa was on such issues.

Reading the mentioned section enlightened me as to what I need to know and consider before trying to correct others. It showed me just how much I was lacking in the knowledge of the Deen.

The book “ISLAM 99 – Introduction to Islam” is available here.

Reason being that if I don’t know about a specific thing, I could be giving out false information and unintentionally be misleading others. And I have to answer to Allah for such thing.

All in all, the whole book was informative. Yet the “hisba” section stood out to me. And because of it I am on the path to making myself more knowledgeable concerning the path that I have choose to walk.

Darrel – Islam 99 Student


(1) Islam 99 book description: For billions of Muslims around the world, learning about ritual purification, prayer, and the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is just an ordinary part of living. But for Muslims behind bars, the reality is much different. Although Islam is the fastest spreading religion in American prisons, access to reliable, high-quality educational materials about the faith are scarcely available to American prisoners. This text endeavours to close that gap. It covers everything from the fundamental aspects of belief in God, to the nuanced ways that Muslims in prison can apply the teachings of Islam. Full with diagrams, real-life examples, and a section dedicated to how to lead a good life in prison, this book is a practical support for incarcerated Muslims across America.

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