In the name of Allah Merciful, Loving!

As always I wish and pray that Allah keep his blessing upon you; your families; muslim men and women; mu’min men and women; believing men and women; sick; old and those whom live has not looked after with riches or fame; but no one can have but what they strive for and it’s no excuse!

And I give thanks to Allah for giving me life on a daily basis and my health; my eyes; ears; etc. but most of all given me another chance to reconnect with Deen after losing sight of it when I came into this dunya.

Also I give thanks to y’all at Foundation for given us brothers and sister TRUE Islam and not that His Lam. Furthermore, I’m very proud to be excepted within the ranks of Tayba learned brothers who wil assure y’all that what I learn from Tayba will be pass down to all those who to understand and learn deen from the source that taught me while I’m inside this place as wel as when Allah allow me to be released.

I want to teach my family; friends and all whom I come into contact with and to even come back into the system to give back to those left inside. This I plan on doing within a year after I’m released insha Allah.

So again thanks for all that y’all have blessed me with by teaching me the deen Tayba’s way.

Wa Salam


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