Abdullah: Finally feels “home”

David (Abdullah) was the son of a biker and a prostitute and entered the justice system at a young age. Until today he has only spent 19 months of his adult life in the free world, in between stints in prison for drug, theft, and other gang related activities. 

Because of Abdullah’s affiliation with the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, he was placed in Ag-Seg (solitary 23hr/day lockdown). During this time he studied 7 different religions, yet the truth of Islam and the Oneness of Allah stood out to him. 

A Muslim janitor saw him studying the Quran and helped to explain some of the beliefs and practices to him. This search and friendship lead to him taking Shadaha in 2009 with 3 Muslim brothers, including the janitor, outside his cell. 

After accepting Islam, Abdullah renounced his membership in the Aryan Brotherhood and entered into a gang renouncement and dissociation program. He stopped using drugs and stealing and has tried to stay on the straight path.

He is the first to admit that it hasn’t been easy being a white Muslim, tattooed, ex-gang member in prison. There have been many obstacles and stumbling blocks, but he continues to pray for Allah’s guidance and mercy. 

He finally feels at “home” now that he is Muslim. 

After having little to no access to resources and study materials for so long, connecting with Tayba has allowed him to have access to a full curriculum of Islamic studies. 

When Abdullah was asked what he hopes to achieve with his studies, he simply replied, 

I am hoping to reach Heaven.” 

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