Sister Khadija: As if she’d been Muslim all along

Khadija grew up in a dysfunctional home. Both of her parents were drug addicts and she was raised to see drug dealers as successful. Eventually, she was convinced to transport drugs and was arrested and convicted for this crime.

She became Muslim because of a fellow inmate who invited her to a ta’leem (Islamic studies) session.

As she sat at the lesson, it was as if she’s been Muslim all along. Islam felt right and she became Muslim shortly after.

The first time I saw a Muslim pray, I cried,” she says, “I cry now just thinking about it!”

After her conversion, Khadija began to study as much as she could and was soon recommended to reach out to Tayba.

She devoured the Tayba materials, especially those regarding good character.

As her knowledge of Islam deepend, Khadija became Islam’s ambassador both to the Muslims and those of other faiths.

To the 8 Muslims sisters in her prison, she showed courage and steadfastness: she refused to break her fast in Ramadan despite the prison staff making it very difficult for the Muslims.

To the non-Muslims, she showed humility and good character, despite their often seeing her as “the other”.

I keep in mind the character of the Prophet, peace be upon him,” she told us. “Character says a lot about a person. I want people to look at my character and say all Muslims aren’t bad people.”

Khadija completed 4 courses with Tayba and has now been released from prison. She aspires to complete her college degree and continue her Islamic studies. She also wants to help spread the word of Islam and return to the prison as a volunteer.

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