Stephan: Mujahid’s Transformative Experience

Would you like to see the transformative effect of a Tayba Foundation education?

Stephan, “Mujahid,” went to prison as a young, angry man. He was a thug doing serious prison time in South Carolina, but Allah guided his heart towards Islam. Shortly thereafter, he found Tayba.

Mujahid’s story is unique. He is not the typical prison Muslim convert. He had to endure a lot of hardship from other prisoners who could not accept someone of his racial and criminal background converting to Islam. Nevertheless, he persevered in his religious studies, stayed in constant contact with our instructors, and transformed into a beautiful example of human excellence. His before and after pictures tell a story of two men: one is a menace to society while the other is a benefactor who is ready to contribute to building his community and society. This is the Tayba way.

We believe in character reformation. We believe in the ability and potential of every one of our students.

We believe that Allah can transform the heart of man even in the dungeons. Our belief is rewarded with brothers like Mujahid sho exemplify the transformative effect of this education.

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