Brother Tabari: Transformative Tauba (Repentance)

Tabari Abdul-Zahir began formally studying the Islamic Sciences in early 2003 with Muslim scholars at Zaytuna Institute. Due to a series of bad choices and spiritual heedlessness, he found himself in federal prison for a non-violent drug crime from 2005-2016. It was in prison that Abdul-Zahir made the transformative ‘Tauba’ which Imam Ghazali said everyone needs to make one time in their life.

In prison, Abdul-Zahir spent all of his time learning and teaching Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tazkiya, and Arabic.  This program was accelerated and systemized once he began studying via the Tayba Foundation from 2008-2016.

Upon release, Abdul-Zahir completed an Associates degree in Behavioral Sciences and a Bachelor’s in Arabic Language, Literature and Culture. He was also commissioned by the Tayba Foundation to write a book that would serve as an introduction to Islam and the Tayba study curriculum for Muslims who are incarcerated. This book was completed in late 2017 and is called, ‘INTRODUCTION TO ISLAM: with practical examples and advice for incarcerated Muslims’.

Currently, Abdul-Zahir is an instructor for the Tayba Foundation, a part-time Islamic studies teacher at several Islamic educational institutes in Southern California, continuing his advanced Arabic studies and completing a Master’s degree in Social Work.

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