Problem Definition


Based on a survey that the Tayba Foundation conducted with Muslim inmates across the U.S., the most common underserved religious need was access to Islamic Education.

Distance Learning Program


In response, we have developed a Distance Learning Program with the underlying theme of Character Development to enable incarcerated individuals to make mature, informed decisions in prison and in society.

Key Highlights of the Curriculum:


• Emphasis on character development influences our choice of texts such as Imam Muhammad Mawlud’s “Purification of the Heart”

• Students learn the essentials of their faith (fard ‘ayn)

• An opportunity to learn the Arabic Language

• Emphasis on recognizing and respecting differences of opinion

• Students are required to write an essay that speaks about how the course affected them at the personal, familial and communal level

• Students have a base for meaningful reflection and spiritual development

• Draws upon methodology and texts used in many Islamic centers of higher learning.


Subjects covered in the curriculum are listed HERE.