What services do you offer?

We are an educational institution with a program designed for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated Muslims.  Our primary educational material is Islamic, but we also utilize other sources as well. You can learn more about our program HERE.


What does your program consist of?

Our distance education program consists of written, audio and video material that we send to our students via mail.  The primary focus is character development and behavior modification.  Each course is structured in a post-secondary level with instructions for the student to complete the material at an individual pace and then return the coursework for grading.  You can learn more about the program HERE.


Who is eligible for your program?

We serve the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated.  Our program is open to people of all faiths and backgrounds.


How much does your program cost?

Each course has a tuition cost of $225.  Students may apply for financial aid to cover the cost of the program.


How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is designed to be completed in 3-4 years if a student takes a full load of classes.


How can someone sign up for your program?

They can either write us directly to request an application, or someone else can request one to be sent to them.  Our contact information is HERE.


Is your program accredited?

Currently, our program is a program and thus does not require any accreditation.  We have begun the process of seeking accreditation so that a student will earn a degree. Our curriculum, instructional and assessment is based on a blend of time-tested Islamic educational methodology and Western Academic methods.


Do you offer re-entry programs?

We do not offer a re-entry program.  We do have counselors who work with our students upon release to help point them in the direction of where they can access services in the areas that they will be paroled.


Do you offer rehabilitation programs?

We do not have a specific rehabilitation program per se, but we firmly believe that our educational program is a powerful rehabilitation program in and of itself.  Some of our students have developed rehabilitation programs based on the education that they have received through Tayba.


Do you have a transitional house?

We do not have a transitional house, although we have run one in the past.  We realized that the time and resources that it took to run one house to serve a few individuals could be better used by our organization to serve the hundreds of students that we have through our distance learning program.  Our counselors can direct our students to programs in the area that they will be paroled to.


Do you go into prisons?

Tayba does have staff and volunteers that will visit prisons from time to time but our program is facilitated through a distance model, thus not requiring that we go to prisons in person.


Are you a chaplain program?

Tayba is not a chaplaincy training program, but rather offers Islamic education via a distance learning model.  We work with chaplains in various institutions to help facilitate our program being offered in multiple institutions.


Can you help in prisoner rights issues?

Tayba is non-political and does not get involved in prisoner advocacy.  If a prisoner is experiencing any difficulties or has a complaint, we refer them to the channels that are in place for addressing those issues.


Do you da’wah (inviting to Islam) in prisons?

We do not have a program specifically geared towards inviting people to Islam in prisons.  Most of our students have converted while in prison and then contact us to further their education.  We do provide basic learning material to those interested in Islam or who would like to learn the basics of Islam.


Do you distribute Qurans?

Yes, we send Qurans into prisons.  We send them to both individuals as well as multiple copies to chaplains who request them.


Can I donate books or other material for you to send in?

We do not accept donations of books or other material.  We have a very specific program and we purchase all the educational material ourselves.  If you would like to sponsor the purchase of educational material that we use, please contact us at info@taybafoundation.org.


Can you assist in coordinating prison visits?

Tayba does not assist in coordinating prison visits for volunteers.  We can direct you to the chaplains or staff of the local prison that you would like to visit and volunteer in.


How can I help Tayba?

One of the main ways that you can help Tayba is by offering your support through learning about our work and spreading the word to others.  We also need human resources, so if you have a skill that you would like to offer, please sign up to be a volunteer HERE.  We also need financial support, so if you would like to make a donation, please do so HERE.