Advice To Best Support and Serve Former Prisoners

[DOWNLOAD] Tayba Foundation Reentry Guide

Tayba Foundation has a staff made up partially of formerly incarcerated Muslims and has served thousands of prisoners in hundreds of prisons across most US states. From our experience, we offer the following suggestions for a masjid or organization.

Please feel free to reach out to Tayba and we can assist you in creating a plan to implement the following suggestions and more. Every masjid should have either a group, or some point of contact, to deal with people recently released from prison.

The easiest way of doing this would be to find someone from the community who was either previously incarcerated or works with the incarcerated population. Establish a clear protocol to begin assessing the reentry population with their needs and concerns.

It is important to become familiar with incarceration in the USA, the differences between jail and prison, and also the differences in types of crimes and rehabilitation.