Help Tayba Find a Permanent Home

Tayba needs 200k in non-zakat donations before the end of 2019

Why now?

1. Tayba has significantly expanded its programming, number of students served, and staff members serving them over the last several years

2. Our office space is now too small for the organization’s needs

3. Our landlord recently increased our rent along with his price for a nearby vacant property we were hoping to use to expand our office

Expected Benefits

Owning our office space will make our finances more predictable by removing rent increases or other lease agreement issues

We save our donors money: according to real estate experts, we estimate $93,674 in savings from owning the property for seven years vs paying rent for a similar space

The additional space will help Tayba continue expanding its services to help the 98% of Muslim prisoners we’re still not reaching

What are we planning?

Purchase a ~2500 sq. ft. office space in the Bay Area

Take out a shariah-compliant loan to cover 50% of the estimated $900,000 cost

Fund the remaining 50% ($450,000) through donor contributions and loans

If you would like to know more, please click the button below to read the full 10-page report on the office purchase decision.