The Tayba Foundation Mission

Our mission is to provide Islamic correspondence courses at the post-secondary level to the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated through our Distance Learning Program. We’ve seen the transformative value of higher education and are wholeheartedly committed to establishing the processes that enable our students to inherit a contributory role that will facilitate their self-improvement and allow them to reclaim a future, even beyond the walls of the prison.


  • Tayba Foundation Abdul Lateef

    Abdul Lateef

    Abdul Lateef, one of Tayba Foundation’s best students who just got out after 31 years in prison, is enjoying a Smoked Salmon Pizza at Falafel Corner, Fremont, Ca. He has......

  • Tayba Foundation Anthony

    Anthony’s Story

    This is Anthony, one of our students in a Michigan prison. He converted to Islam because of the beauty he saw in the teachings. Originally, he signed up to go to......

  • Tayba Foundation Aseem


    Aseem is one of our students who was recently released from prison. He served 28 years for a crime he was found to be innocent of. Here is his picture......

  • Tayba Foundation Student Art

    Eid in Prison? A Former Inmate Recounts

    In some prisons, Muslims do not have the luxury to perform the Eid prayer in congregation. The timing of the prayer or other factors, which would normally not be applied......