Rami Nsour is a scholar, counselor, public speaker, teacher, and translator of Islamic texts. Spending seven years in Mauritania studying Islamic studies at some of the foremost Islamic colleges, Shaykh Rami received licensure (ijaza) to share his wisdom with students. Further enhancing his extensive study of fiqh, Nsour completed an extraordinary ‘in-residence’ experience, allowing him to research questions (fatawa) of Islamic faith, law, and practice.

Rami Nsour cofounded the Tayba Foundation, the first organization in the United States to offer a distance-learning program in Islamic Education to incarcerated men and women.  Shaykh Rami has extensive experience in curriculum development, specifically in character (akhlaq), and holds a B.A. in Human Development with a focus on Early Childhood.  He also obatained an M.A. in Educational Psychology.  A resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, he lives with his wife and three children.


Nabil Afifi is a seasoned businessman and visionary with many years of experience in private and non-profit settings. With a Master’s degree in Public Administration and 4 years of seminary training at Murabit al Hajj’s mahdara in Mauritania, Nabil brings fundraising, administrative, and sacred knowledge acumen to his work with the Tayba Foundation.

A cofounder of the Tayba, Nabil is a champion of the spiritual needs of Muslim inmates, noting, “I pray to Allah that He accepts our work. Ameen. In the end, that is all that matters.” Originally from Morocco, he is married and has 3 children.



Michelle Harmer serves as program manager for the Tayba Foundation, overseeing the development and implementation of the unique curriculum Tayba provides for its students. Passionate about client success, Michelle helps to ensure that “best practices” lead to excellent outcomes. She also helps with Tayba’s development and outreach endeavors.

Michelle holds a BA (Hons) in Retail Marketing and a professional diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). Originally from the UK, she embraced Islam in 2004, and believes that Tayba Foundation offers, “reliable, practical education in a highly accessible form.” Married with one child, she currently lives in Toronto, Canada.


Equipped with a degree and a decade of experience in Information Technology, Jawad Piorek develops and maintains media outlets for Tayba including its Facebook page and website. Born and raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, he converted to Islam in 2004 after a spiritual discernment trip to Morocco. A native of France, Jawad has extensive experience translating Islamic educational material from English to French. He has also assisted Montreal organizations with translation and programming.

Jawad Piorek enjoys “helping Muslim inmates learn the traditional Islamic sciences.” Married with two children, he appreciates spending time with family, studying the Islamic sciences, learning the Arabic language, and a host of other interests.


Concurrently a research assistant at Cal State East Bay, Waleed Rajabally brings a heart for community service and social justice issues to his work with the Tayba Foundation. Grateful that Tayba, “uses sacred knowledge as a means of transformation,” he sees the foundation as a positive influence in and beyond the prison system. Active with social justice movements and community-organizing entities, Waleed recognizes the power of digital communication and knows how to harness digital media to tell Tayba’s story.

Prior to his work with Tayba, Waleed worked in politics and public health. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, soccer, and boxing.


Lumumba Shakur works as an instructor and course developer for Tayba Foundation. He also addresses questions submitted by Tayba’s clients. Converting to Islam in 1997 prior to college, he studied classical Islam through notable online and distance learning organizations. Aware of the attributes and challenges of distance learning, Lumumba brings a unique perspective to Tayba’s delivery of educational resources.

Lumumba’s robust study of disciplines like fiqh, usul, hadith, aqida, and logic is supplemented through personal reflection, conversations, and weekend retreats. His breadth of experience is invaluable in the classroom setting. Honored by the opportunity to help the character development of those who are often neglected by society, he refines the “nuts and bolts” of class offerings, while assisting clients in their quests to master materials.


Born to Kashmiri parents who immigrated from Saudi Arabia to Canada, Sara Kuratnik works as Academy Assistant for Tayba, offering support to the Academy’s projects and initiatives. Sara is specially equipped to improve current course materials and review student assignments.

Graduating with honors from the University of Toronto (St. George Campus), she majored in Russian Language and Literature with a double minor in Italian Language and Linguistics. Introduced to the Muslim scholarly tradition during her second year of study, Sara was positively impacted by the wisdom of the Islamic scholars and decided to dedicate herself to studying Islamic sciences.

At Tayba Academy, she is grateful for the opportunity to directly help others learn about Islam and feels that meeting students at the Academy is deeply inspiring.


Abdul Muhaymin Al-Salim (Eugene Priester, III) has been a student with the Tayba Foundation since 2013.  He has been privileged to be on the staff at Tayba for the last Two (2) years and this experience has helped him to be more effective in connecting with the people he has mentored over the last Five (5) years that he has been with the Tayba program. Abdul Muhaymin is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology while furthering his studies of the Islamic sciences.  Abdul Muhaymin has had the opportunity to study several books in the Tayba curriculum such as Imam Akhdari’s Mukhtasar, Murshid al-Mu`in, Ath-Thafar bil Murad, Mahaarimul Lisan, and he is currently reading his way through the Risala of Imam Ibn Abi Zayd alongside the commentary Ath-thamarud Dani, and working on memorization of the text, Siraj As-Salik.

Allah’s Tawfeeq has manifested by connecting me with Shaykh Rami & the Tayba Foundation, Mashaa’Allah, Tabaarakallahu `Alaynaa fee kulli Khayr.——I am here to serve.”


Kelly works as our Academy Administrative Assistant, offering administrative support to the Academy team members and other Tayba projects when needed. Kelly brings her 15+ years in Administrative Support experience to Tayba, in addition to her 6+ years of experience in Marketing, which involved thoroughly proof-reading documents and preparing and finalizing print materials, as well as her basic knowledge and understanding of Maliki Fiqh.

Kelly is a Canadian convert to Islam and has been pursuing the Path of Sacred Knowledge since before taking her Shahada, when she started her studies by learning the Arabic Alphabet so that she could recite from the Quran in Arabic. May Allah bless our teachers Amine. After she married, she and her husband left Canada for West Africa to pursue official studies of Islamic Jurisprudence and Spirituality, where they remained for the past 6 years. Kelly, her husband, and her 2 children now reside in their hometown in Canada.

Kelly is not only passionate about learning the Traditional Islamic Sciences, but she is also passionate about teaching others; especially the young children in her care and in her community. Kelly spends her time collaborating with other Home Educators to develop age-appropriate curriculum for young Muslims to enable them to learn Traditional Sacred Knowledge as well. She loves getting creative and developing hands-on crafts and lesson plans for children.

Kelly sees it as a blessing to be part of the Tayba Foundation team and is very happy to be of service to the Ummah, especially to be helping the Students of Tayba Foundation, and she sees it as a duty to put her natural talents and work experience to use for an excellent cause. May Allah accept these works from us all and forgive our shortcomings. May we all benefit from it. Amine.



Tabari Abdul-Zahir began formally studying the Islamic Sciences in early 2003 with Muslim scholars at Zaytuna Institute. Due to a series of bad choices and spiritual heedlessness, he found himself in federal prison for a non-violent drug crime from 2005-2016. It was in prison that Abdul-Zahir made the transformative ‘Tauba’ which Imam Ghazali said everyone needs to make one time in their life. In prison, Abdul-Zahir spent all of his time learning and teaching Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tazkiya, and Arabic.  This program was accelerated and systemized once he began studying via the Tayba Foundation from 2008-2016.

Upon release, Abdul-Zahir completed an Associates degree in Behavioral Sciences and a Bachelor’s in Arabic Language, Literature and Culture. He was also commissioned by the Tayba Foundation to write a book which would serve as an introduction to Islam and the Tayba study curriculum for Muslims who are incarcerated. This book was completed in late 2017 and is called, ‘INTRODUCTION TO ISLAM: with practical examples and advice for incarcerated Muslims’.

Currently, Abdul-Zahir is an instructor for the Tayba Foundation, a part-time Islamic studies teacher at several Islamic educational institutes in Southern California, continuing his advanced Arabic studies and completing a Master’s degree in Social Work.