Islamic Education

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all the course work fits into a specific theme of character reformation. We believe that character reformation is the key to not only working with current or formerly incarcerated men and women, but also to their eventual release and reintegration into the greater society.

Our curriculum incorporates a significant amount of spiritual and behavioral modification geared towards developing qualities which increase accountability for actions. These components of our curriculum are thoroughly reinforced throughout all the courses. One of the primary areas of focus is understanding and changing the criminal personality.  To inherit their contributory role in society, the incarcerated must develop emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and socially. Our curriculum offers a methodical development in all these phases.

The three core components of the program are:

1) Sound Islamic knowledge

2) Realization of the prisoner’s experience

3) Recognition of the security concerns in dealing with prisoners


Introduction to Islam ISLAM 99
Beliefs of a Muslim IMAN 100
Islamic Theology Part 1 IMAN 101
Introduction to Fiqh FIQH 100
Prayer and Purification (Maliki option) FIQH 101
Five Pillars (Maliki Option) FIQH 102
Prayer and Purification (Hanafi option) FIQH 111
Five Pillars (Hanafi Option) FIQH 112
Prayer and Purification (Shafi’i option) FIQH 121
Five Pillars (Shafi’i Option) FIQH 122
Intro to Purification of the Heart 101 IHSN101
Purification of the Heart Part 1 IHSN201
How to Study ADAB 100
Rights of Parents ADAB 101
Prohibitions of the Tongue ADAB 102
Introduction to Hadith HDTH 101
Introduction to Quran QRAN 101
Introduction to Usul USUL 101
Life of the Prophet SIRA 101
Medina Arabic Book 1 ARBC 101